How To Vote for Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Contestants

There are two easy ways to vote for your preferred contestant on Bigg Boss Tamil:

Online Voting

Log on to Disney+ Hotstar website or mobile app and search for Bigg Boss Tamil. Click on the voting banner of the contestant you wish to save from that week’s eviction nomination. You can cast one vote per Disney+ Hotstar account in each round of nomination.

Missed Call Voting

Find the missed call numbers allocated to each nominated contestant for that week. You can make one missed call from your registered mobile number per nomination process. The missed call automatically gets counted as one vote for that contestant.

How to Vote in Hotstar for Bigg Boss Tamil Contestants

Voting for your favorite Bigg Boss Tamil 7 contestants is a simple and engaging process that allows you to have a say in the show’s proceedings. There are two convenient methods to cast your valuable vote and support the participants you admire the most.

The first method is online voting, which can be done by logging on to the Disney+ Hotstar website or mobile app, searching for Bigg Boss Tamil, and clicking on the voting banner of the contestant you wish to save from that week’s eviction nomination.

Each Disney+ Hotstar account is entitled to cast one vote in each round of nomination, making it easy for you to show your support. The second method is missed call voting, where you can find the designated missed call numbers for each nominated contestant and make a missed call from your registered mobile number, with each missed call automatically counting as one vote for the respective contestant.

To vote for your preferred contestants on Disney+ Hotstar, simply follow these steps: download the Disney+ Hotstar app on your phone or visit the website, create an account if you don’t have one already, search for “Bigg Boss Tamil,” open the current season, click on the “Vote” button below the latest episode, select the image of the contestant you wish to vote for, and your vote will be successfully cast. It’s important to note that you can vote once per nomination process from each Disney+ Hotstar account, so make sure to make your vote count.

Online voting on Disney+ Hotstar is the most convenient way to support your favorite Bigg Boss Tamil contestants and play a significant role in shaping the entire season based on public opinion.
Missed call voting has been a traditional and popular method for viewers to support their favorite contestants. Even with the emergence of online voting, missed call voting continues to be a parallel and widely used method. For Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7, specific missed call numbers have been allocated to each nominated contestant, allowing viewers to vote for their favorites by giving a missed call on the designated numbers.

The simplicity and convenience of missed call voting have made it a beloved and enduring method for fans to participate in the show. By noting down the missed call number of your favorite nominee and voting for them each day, you can make a significant impact on their journey inside the Bigg Boss house.

S. NoName of ParticipantMissed Call Number
1Vote for Cool Suresh8886602474
2Vote for Poornima Ravi8886602480
3Vote for Raveena Daha8886602482
4Vote for Pradeep Anthony8886602481
5Vote for Nixen8886602479
6Vote for Vinusha Devi
7Vote for Mani Chandra8886602477
8Vote for Akshaya Udayakumar8886602471
9Vote for Jovika Vijaykumar8886602476
10Vote for Aishu8886602470
11Vote for Vishnu Vijay8886602486
12Vote for Maya Krishnan
13Vote for Saravana Vickram
14Vote for Yugendran Vasudevan8886602487
15Vote for Vichithra8886602475
16Vote for Bava Chelladurai8886602473
17Vote for Ananya Rao8886602472
18Vote for Vijay Varma