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I personally researched and written this complete biography of Vetrimaaran, the master storyteller of Tamil cinema. As an ardent fan of his work, I wanted to share more about the man behind some of the most powerful films in recent times.

Vetrimaaran is a name that evokes intrigue and admiration among Tamil cinema audiences. Through his raw, gritty narratives he has captivated fans while also sparking critical dialogues in society. Let’s explore the journey of this creative genius from his early days to his present status as one of India’s most celebrated directors.

Early life and family

Full NameVetrimaaran
Real NameVetrimaaran Radhakrishnan
Date of Birth1975
Age (as of 2024)49 years
FatherDr. V. Chitravel
MotherMegala Chitravel
Marital StatusMarried
BirthplaceCuddalore, Tamil Nadu
HometownRanipet, Tamil Nadu
Current CityChennai, Tamil Nadu

Born in 1975 in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu, Vetrimaaran grew up in an intellectually stimulating environment. His father, Dr. V. Chitravel, was a renowned veterinary scientist and his mother, Megala Chitravel, an established novelist. From a young age, he was immersed in the rich cultural heritage of Tamil literature and the arts. This nurtured his innate passion for storytelling.

Vetrimaaran currently resides in Chennai with his wife Aarthi and their two children, Poonthendral and Kathiravan. Family is very important to this renowned director.


Vetrimaaran pursued his college education at Loyola College, Chennai. Here he actively participated in theatre, gaining valuable experience in performance and direction. He also met his future wife Aarthi during this time. His involvement in the college’s dramatic arts scene laid the foundation for his eventual career as a masterful filmmaker.


Vetrimaaran’s genius first shone through under the guidance of acclaimed director Balu Mahendra. As an assistant director, he absorbed the intricacies of filmmaking from the veteran.

In 2007, Vetrimaaran embarked on his directorial debut Polladhavan. The raw, visceral film etched the lives of Chennai’s urban youth. It immediately cemented Vetrimaaran as an original voice in Tamil cinema.

However, his sophomore film Aadukalam truly catapulted him to fame. This rural drama against the backdrop of cockfighting won six National Awards, including Best Director and Best Feature Film. His poignant examination of human relationships through a seemingly brutal sport displayed his masterful storytelling.

Vetrimaaran’s films engage audiences while highlighting critical social issues. Visaranai, his nightmare-inducing exploration of police brutality, underscores his commitment to socially relevant narratives. Asuran, Kaala, Vada Chennai all showcase his willingness to challenge the status quo.

As a producer and screenwriter too, Vetrimaaran has made an indelible mark on Tamil cinema. His production house Grassroot Film Company breathes life into the visions of aspiring filmmakers. Alongside directing mainstream films, he produces independent movies by debutant directors.

Beyond films, Vetrimaaran established the International Institute of Tamil Culture. Through this institute, he propagates the vibrant heritage of Tamil language and arts. He also actively mentors the next generation of filmmakers, sharing his passion for the craft.

Vetrimaaran’s cinema has redefined Tamil films. Raw, gritty, and socially provocative, his movies engage audiences with their realism. After almost two decades in the industry, he continues to intrigue fans with uniquely Indian stories told through a universal language of cinema.

As an ardent Vetrimaaran fan myself, I hope this glimpse into his background gives you a deeper appreciation of his work. From his middle-class upbringing to the pinnacle of directorial genius, his journey has been an inspiration. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend exploring Vetrimaaran’s filmography for a truly captivating cinematic experience. His mastery of the craft will leave you marveling at the power of well-narrated stories.

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